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Will Kemp
2h 24m

Anyone can learn how to draw. Success comes down to three things:
Shape: By focusing on the shapes of the objects (and more importantly the shapes between the objects) you can view subjects with a whole new outlook and focus.
Simplicity: You'll get better results by concentrating on simple subjects and drawing techniques that will still prove powerful when used together.
Structure: A structured approach makes drawing easier to master.
Each chapter in this course is built on these three principles, combining drawing theory and practical examples with worksheets and drawing assignments. Will Kemp brings his passion for teaching and infectious love of drawing together in these lessons. You'll learn about line, value, tone, negative space, and perspective, and come away with the confidence to start making drawing a daily practice.
This course was created and produced by Will Kemp. We're honored to host this training in our library.
Topics include:
Materials you need to draw
Drawing theory
Framing your composition
Using the picture plane
Creating contrast
Using negative space to create more powerful compositions
Creating form from shadows and light

Introduction 1m 40s
Welcome 1m 18s
Using the exercise files 22s
1. Materials 8m 19s
Materials overview 2m 0s
Pencils 2m 13s
Paper 45s
Erasers 2m 7s
The picture plane and other materials 1m 14s
2. The Theory behind Drawing 6m 18s
Pre-instruction drawing of a cup 1m 20s
Introduction to the theory of drawing 2m 2s
Seeing like an artist 2m 56s
3. The Importance of Line 22m 43s
The use of line 2m 44s
Framing your composition 55s
Upside-down drawing 9m 39s
Why use a picture plane? 3m 6s
Preparation of the picture plane 1m 24s
Using the picture plane 4m 55s
4. Value and Tone 23m 21s
How to get the best tone from your pencils 5m 54s
Using a value strip 2m 46s
Creating contrast 5m 9s
Our first tonal-ground study 9m 32s
5. Negative Space and Simple Composition 23m 21s
Introducing negative space 3m 26s
Negative space 11m 41s
The relationship between objects 3m 1s
Using negative space to create powerful compositions 5m 13s
6. Perspective without Pain 23m 29s
Scale and using a unit of measurement 8m 19s
Simple perspective 3m 49s
Viewpoint and understanding angles 11m 21s
7. Light Logic 16m 18s
How light and shadows work 6m 4s
Creating form with shadows and light 10m 14s
8. The Final Project 17m 43s
Mark making 5m 11s
Creating the final project 5m 33s
The final project 6m 59s
Conclusion 1m 14s
Goodbye 1m 14s


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Lynda.com Foundations of Drawing
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