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The Foundry Ocula 4.0 v1 For Nuke 8 for Win and Mac x64 €20 buy download


Stereoscopic imagery plug-in for NUKE. OCULA is a unique collection of 16 workflow plug-in tools for NUKE designed to tackle common problems with stereoscopic imagery. Helping to take the headache out of stereo post-production, OCULA can be relied upon to boost productivity and ultimately deliver a more rewarding 3D viewing experience.

OCULA tool sets provide standard templates designed to get the best results first time in plate preparation, color correction and vertical alignment. Built on production experience the templates step through the key stages in shot set up and include QC tools for review to reduce iterations and speed-up shot turn-around.

Disparity generator creates stereo disparity vectors that map pixels between left and right view. Disparity is at the core of the plate correction tools allowing color, focus, and alignment to be mapped between views as well as the correlation of key processes such as Roto or Paint.

Vertical aligner
Vertical aligner warps views vertically so that their corresponding features align, while keeping the horizontal position of each pixel the same. It can be used to remove focal length differences and rotations, eliminate lens or mirror distortions and fix issues with alignment in depth.

Color and focus
Designed to help you deal with the subtle color differences that are sometimes present between stereo views such as changes in reflections or highlights as well as localized color shifts. Color matcher lets you match the colors of one view with those of another for across-the-board consistency. Focus matcher helps to match the focus between left and right views, allowing you to sharpen and soften to match the contrast of edges or to rebuild edge detail in one view directly from the other view.

Stereo Retiming
Differences between left and right views can make for an uncomfortable 3D viewing experience. Retimer is an optical flow-based retiming engine that’s designed to remove these differences and ensure better viewing in stereo.

Depth tools
Depth tools enable artists to create useful data for standard compositing tasks. If you have a CG scene with camera information and a z-depth map available, OCULA’s ‘Depth to disparity’ plug-in provides a quick and accurate way of generating the disparity field. Disparity to depth works by generating z-buffer depth maps per view in a stereo pair. The z-buffer depth data can then be used elsewhere in the NUKE pipeline, for example to perform depth of field effects or a deep merge.

New views
The ‘New view’ plug-in allows one view to be rebuilt entirely from the other to help in tricky shots where where alignment, colour or focus matches are problematic. OCULA’s interaxial shifter lets you change the interaxial separation of stereo images - that is, the distance between the two cameras. This plug-in enables you to generate two new views at specified positions between the original images to control the disparity and depth in the stereo footage.

Troubleshooting and QC
The Stereo review gizmo has been built to push through production footage and provides an artist-friendly way to QC corrections and reduce iterations. The Disparity review gizmo provides an easy way to check disparity vectors to quickly spot any trouble areas where particular attention will be required in corrections. OCULA’s ‘Disparity viewer’ plugin provides different options to visualise disparity and render out to check for any changes in comp.

OS - Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 / MacOSX 10.6 or Later (Intel Only) (x64)

Download File Size:186.01 MB

The Foundry Ocula 4.0 v1 For Nuke 8 for Win and Mac x64
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