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Quantum Evolution The New Science of Life PDF (scan) eBook €1 buy download

Johnjoe McFadden, "Quantum Evolution: The New Science of Life (How Physics' Weirdest Theory Explains Life's Biggest Mystery)"
ISBN: 0393050416, 0393323102 | 2001 | PDF (scan) | 338 pages | 22 MB

Living Organisms are controlled by a single molecule -- DNA. The study of modern physics tells us that the behavior of single molecules is governed not by familiar classical laws but by the strange laws of quantum mechanics. The biological applications of this principle have never been fully explored -- until now. McFadden's novel theory of quantum evolution shows how quantum mechanics endows living organisms with the ability to initiate specific actions, including new mutations. This simple but staggering theory has radical implications.

Debunking the recent propositions of evolutionary theorists, McFadden argues that evolution may not be random at all. Rather, it may be directed -- that is, in certain circumstances, cells may be able to choose to mutate particular genes that provide an advantage in their environment. This property of living organisms to direct their actions undoubtedly lies at the core of the much disputed issues of consciousness and free will.

Download File Size:21 MB

Quantum Evolution The New Science of Life PDF (scan) eBook
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