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Digital Tutors Introduction to ZBrush 4R7 €20 buy download

Digital Tutors
Justin Marshall

In this ZBrush tutorial we’ll take an introductory look at this powerful sculpting, painting, and illustration application.

We’ll begin by exploring the ZBrush interface and cover the process of getting geometry ready to sculpt so you can jump in and begin creating. We'll talk about Pixols and the unique 2.5D workflow and we'll talk about basic methods for creating and manipulating geometry on the canvas.

Subdividing your mesh and beginning to use the sculpting brushes to add detail will be covered, as well as techniques for painting your models. We'll also cover topics like masking and polygroups, and several innovative methods for building geometry including ZModeler, ZSpheres, DynaMesh and ShadowBox.

We'll start with some simple geometry and then progress to more of a project-based approach as we explore sculpting, painting, using FiberMesh, lighting and rendering, and map creation.

ZBrush is an extremely robust application, so we'll only be able to skim the surface of many of its tools in our time together. You can, however, find more in depth tutorials on many of these topics on the site.

Introduction and project overview 1 Introduction and project overview Watch it now 01:09
Interface Basics 2 Interface Basics Watch the entire course. Start a free trial » 04:54
Creating simple geometry 5 Creating simple geometry 07:13
Working with files 6 Working with files 06:14
Display options 7 Display options 05:01
Working with subtools 8 Working with subtools 08:06
Subdividing geometry 9 Subdividing geometry 07:56
Basic sculpting 10 Basic sculpting 07:29
Basic polypainting 11 Basic polypainting 08:27
Using masking 12 Using masking 06:48
Working with deformation 13 Working with deformation 07:22
Adding materials 14 Adding materials 07:27
Using textures 15 Using textures 04:51
Working with polygroups 16 Working with polygroups 06:43
Setting up reference images 17 Setting up reference images 05:56
Working with zspheres 18 Working with zspheres 09:53
Basic character sculpting 19 Basic character sculpting 08:29
Using DynaMesh 20 Using DynaMesh 08:32
Slicing and clipping 21 Slicing and clipping 03:54
Using ZRemesher 22 Using ZRemesher 03:41
Working with ZModeler 23 Working with ZModeler 07:04
Using ZModeler with characters 24 Using ZModeler with characters 08:00
Working with ShadowBox 25 Working with ShadowBox 07:00
Adding eyes and ears 26 Adding eyes and ears 08:07
Insert Mesh brush techniques 27 Insert Mesh brush techniques 05:20
Using IMM brushes 28 Using IMM brushes 04:01
Working with NanoMeshes 29 Working with NanoMeshes 03:30
Character sculpting concepts 30 Character sculpting concepts 10:05
Using surface noise 31 Using surface noise 05:36
Advanced polypainting concepts 32 Advanced polypainting concepts 08:24
Using Spotlight for texture painting 33 Using Spotlight for texture painting 08:59
Posing characters 34 Posing characters 07:29
Compiling the scene 35 Compiling the scene 07:29
Using 3D layers 36 Using 3D layers 05:32
Using FiberMesh 37 Using FiberMesh 06:24
Lighting and rendering in ZBrush 38 Lighting and rendering in ZBrush 06:20
Outputting images 39 Outputting images 04:09
UV and map creation 40 UV and map creation 04:31
Software integration 41 Software integration 08:31


Download File Size:2.55 GB

Digital Tutors Introduction to ZBrush 4R7
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