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TTC China India and the United States - The Future of Economic Supremacy by Peter Rodriguez Audiobook Mp3 VBR €1 buy download
You are living at a critical moment of change for the world economy.
A moment that will be defined by the economic trajectories of three key
players. A moment whose outcome will have a deep and lasting impact on
the way you live.

Recent years have seen a dramatic, unprecedented transformation in the
landscape of the global economy. And the catalyst of this transformation.
destined to create a new economic order that will scarcely resemble that
of the last 300 years.is undoubtedly the rise of China and India. Both
nations, which represent around 37% of the world's population, have
experienced a rapid surge in annual economic growth of 7% to 10% in the
last decade alone.a growth rate that is nothing short of miraculous.

Just as important as this amazing story are its implications for the
United States. Long seen as the central driving force behind the world's
economy, the United States is emerging from the greatest recession in
more than 80 years. For the first decade of the 21st century, its average
per capita income growth was a paltry 0.53% per year. As China and India
continue to gain a dominant foothold in the 21st-century marketplace,
America's role in it will continue to evolve in unprecedented ways.

So join him for this chance to find out, before everyone else, just what
to expect from the economies of China, India, and the United States. This
course is a piercing look at the economic future being shaped right at
this very moment.

Download File Size:119.27 MB

TTC China India and the United States - The Future of Economic Supremacy by Peter Rodriguez Audiobook Mp3 VBR
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