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Kolor Autopano Giga 3.0.8 Multilingual for Mac €20 buy download
The best image stitching technology in the world
Behind Autopano Giga's simplicity and ease of use
lurks a stitching engine based on advanced
algorithms. The image stitching technology (SIFT)
included in Autopano Giga was developed as part of a
research project at the University of British
Columbia in Vancouver (Canada). It has been
mathematically proven to be the best technology in
the world at recognizing similarities between

Version 3.0 integrates impressive new features that
will definitely make you adopt Autopano Pro or
Autopano Giga:
-Choose between 9 projection modes the one that best
suits your image, including Little-Planet, Panini,
Hammer, Mirror Ball, Orthographic and more.
-Edit your panoramas with an exceptional efficiency:
the panorama editor is now real-time and pixel
accurate. The ergonomics have been totally revamped,
so that all tools take advantage of the real-time
-Use the Preview mode to get an instant
visualization of your final panorama, before even
rendering it. You can keep this mode on when you use
all the tools of the panorama editor.
-Manually remove the ghosts in the overlapping areas
in an instant thanks to the Mask tool. Also very
useful to remove the tripod, or get rid of anything
in your panorama (Autopano Giga only).

Little-Planet or Spherical? Choose between 9
projections the one that best suits your image
Autopano Pro and Autopano Giga 3.0 offer new
projections for your panoramas, including
Little-Planet, Panini, Hammer, Mirror Ball,
Orthographic and more. Choose the projection in a
single clic, adjust your image with the Panorama
Move option and have a real-time preview of the
final result. Choose the best projection for your
panorama and create original images.

A brand new experience with the pixel-accurate &
real-time panorama editor
It's becoming a real joy using the panorama editor
of Autopano. All the tools can be applied in
real-time at a pixel-accurate precision. Zoom in and
check the minor details of your panorama. Add
control points and see right away the stitching
quality at 100%. Move the panorama, move the
individual photos, make any adjustment... everything
is now straightforward and surprisingly quick.

Preview mode: your rendering, before even rendering
You enjoy the many settings and adjustments you can
make in Autopano's panorama editor. As you are
meticulous, you like to render your panorama after
each operation just to check if everything is right.
The new Preview mode is made for you: activate it
and get an exact preview of your final rendered
panorama, either entirely or for a smaller zone. All
algorithms are applied, including the exposure
fusion, the automatic anti-ghost and the new,
incredible Mask tool that we invite you to discover
just below.

Simple and efficient Mask tool: just place green
targets on what to keep or red targets on what to
discard (Autopano Giga only)

Take control over the automatic anti-ghost tool of
Autopano Giga: the brand new Mask tool lets you
choose, in the overlapping areas, what you want to
keep or discard in your panorama. No need to paint
over the entire person or object: just place one or
two targets on it and Autopano Giga will recognize
the whole shape. And with the Preview mode described
above, get an instant result of what your panorama
will look like after the rendering depending on the
different constraints you added.

Other great enhancements have also been made:
-An increased general speed in all parts of the
-The support of RAW files of the latest cameras on
the market.
-The layer editor (in the panorama editor) has new
features that ease the manipulation of images within
the layers, including the selection of multiple
-Seitz Roundshot VR Drive II motorized head is now
fully supported thanks to a dedicated module,
besides the GigaPan, Papywizard and Clauss Rodeon
modules (read the Seitz-Kolor partnership
announcement) (Autopano Giga only).
-The import plugins for Bridge and Lightroom are now
compatible with the latest CS6 version (Autopano
Giga only).
-A better Linux support: Kolor is engaged in
providing Linux-compatible versions of its software
applications and believes all major photo
applications should have a Linux version.

Download File Size:41.79 MB

Kolor Autopano Giga 3.0.8 Multilingual for Mac
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