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Truefire Stu Hamm Tap Bass


Tap bass is a relatively new technique favored by many of the world's top contemporary bass players. Tapping is a very expressive tool, which will significantly expand the colors, textures and sonic qualities you'll have at your disposal for any melodic application. Stu covers right-hand, left-hand and best of all -- simultaneous two-hand tapping.
"Here at last is my entire curriculum for learning how to "tap" on the electric bass guitar! We'll start at the very beginning with some basic exercises to get your fingers trained and strengthened up. Once you have a basic understanding of the concepts and become familiar with the essential tapping techniques, we'll put it all to work and start making music! Take your time with this module -- it will pay off big time for you!"

-Stretching Techniques
-Getting and Staying Limber
-Left Hand Basics
-Exercises for the Left Hand
-Right Hand Basics
-Exercises for the Right Hand
-Left Hand: Fifths
-Practice Fifths on the Left
-Right Hand: Fifths
-Practice Fifths on the Right
-Play-along #1
-Play-along #2
-Left Hand: Arpeggios
-Right Hand: Arpeggios
-Left Hand: Major Scale
-Right Hand: Major Scale
-Major Scales on the Right
-Left Hand: Minor Scales
-Harmonic Minor Scale
-Major Scales on the Right
-Play-along #3
-Scales and Arpeggios
-Unison and Alternate Hands
-Left and Right Hand Tapping
-Both Hands: Fifths
-Both Hands: Arpeggios
-Both Hands: Major Scales
-Play-along #4
-Play-along #5
-The Right Hand: Contrapuntal Tapping
-The Left Hand: Contrapuntal Tapping
-Double Stops: Contrapuntal Tapping
-Walking Left Hand
-Double Stop 4ths and 3rds
-Play-along #6
-Musical Styles: Latin
-Play-along #7
-Musical Styles: Country
-Play-along #8
-Musical Styles: Blues
-Play-along #9
-Rhythmic Doubling
-The Basics: Using Triplets
-Rhythmic Doubling: Using Sixteenth Notes
-Rhythmic Doubling: Using Quintuplets
-Rhythmic Doubling: Sexually Active Riff
-Rhythmic Doubling: Play-along #10
-Rhythmic Doubling: Play-along #11
-Rhythmic Doubling: Using Hammer-ons
-The E-Minor Scale
-Using Hammer-ons: Open Strings: G and D
-Using Hammer-ons: C and G Major and Minor
-Using Hammer-ons
-Diminished Chords
-Using Hammer-ons: Play-along #12
-Outlining Chords
-Introduction to Major Chords
-Major Chords Alt. Fingering
-Outlining Chords: Minor Chords
-The I-VI-IV-V Progression
-Outlining Chords: Bach's "Prelude in C"
-Outlining Chords: "Prelude in C"
-Outlining Chords: Moonlight Sonata
-Stu's Song "Flow My Tears"
-Stu's Song "Terminal Beach"
-Stu's Song "Outbound"


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Truefire Stu Hamm Tap Bass