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If you have problems with purchased soft and it cannot be resolved by our support, contact us within 30 days of your purchase to request a refund. Refunds requested more than 30 days after your initial purchase date will not be issued unless the transaction was subject to a fraudulent purchase.

The full credit will be issued in the following cases:
  • You are having problems during installation which can not be resolved by our Customer Service or Technical Service representatives, the software you have purchased does not function correctly,
  • Other reason which is supposed to be essential by our Customer Service.

    The full credit will NOT be issued if:
  • Your computer does not meet the minimal system requirements for the software product purchased. By making a purchase you confirm that you have read and learned the basic system requirements for the product, available on official site.
  • The user is unable to understand, install and utilize the software because of a lack of knowledge of the basic computer functions. All software is sold with the joint understanding that the customer possesses a basic knowledge of computer systems and software functionality.
  • You cannot get updates or register soft on software official site.
  • You cannot CLEARLY describe what is the problem with installation or running purchased soft.
  • Partial refunds cannot be issued due to technical peculiarities of the processing center.

    All your claims please address to our Customer Service on the 'Helpdesk' page: www.write2support.com

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    Section 117 of the US Copyright Laws: . 117. Limitations on exclusive rights: Computer programs Notwithstanding the provisions of section 106, it is not an infringement for the owner of a copy of a computer program to make or authorize the making of another copy or adaptation of that computer program provided: (1) that such a new copy or adaptation is created as an essential step in the utilization of the computer program in conjunction with a machine and that it is used in no other manner, or (2) that such new copy or adaptation is for archival purposes only and that all archival copies are destroyed in the event that continued possession of the computer program should cease to be rightful.

    A) You are required to own an original copy of the title you intend to backup, if you sell or give away the original copy, you will either, (A) Destroy that backup or (B) Give the backup to the person receiving the original. This law extends to PC and basically anything that consists of copyable data for backup purposes.

    B) We'll take no responsibility for any your action.

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